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How to turn cold prospects into warm leads without paying for super expensive copywriters?
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Craving for the feeling of confidence while pushing the send button on your outreach campaign?

In The B2B Outbound Copywriting Playbook, we will reveal how you can use the right words at the right time so you can increase both the quantity and quality of leads.

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How to improve your B2B outreach, we divulge the secrets of crafting the perfect messages, whether you are planning on starting an e-mail or LinkedIn campaign. This book is a comprehensive and advanced guide suitable for both beginners and pros.
What's included in this comprehensive 30+ page guide:
  • Don't rush the outreach! To head in the right direction you must ask the hardest marketing question (p.7)
  • Having answered that question, it's time for you to determine the marketing offer (p. 9)
  • Before embarking on the outreach journey, you need a clear map of the steps you are going to take (p. 19)
  • Having determined all the previous steps, crafting the messages is a piece of cake (p. 24)
  • The path to perfection is paved with testing, testing, and then some more testing (p. 28)

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