Grow your network even if you feel like a social media noob
How to generate more leads than you can handle without spending money on ads
Are you getting sick and tired of
Non-Targeted expensive leads?
Do you have the perfect game plan? To grow your professional and social network and gain some clients on the way?

Are you looking for the shortcut? Your time is valuable and you would prefer to use it on closing the sale, while someone else does the heavy lifting.
Are you getting sidetracked in the rough LinkedIn ocean? Too many settings, too many filters, too many variables, and so little time.
You have spent a fortune on ads
But the leads that come are either not sales qualified, not in the right mindset to buy, or simply not enough...
Anyone can go through a rough patch. But having the sales pipeline empty, or not full enough feels frustrating even to the best of us.

We've all been there. Trying to figure every little piece out ourselves. You have surely put a price on your product, but have you put a price tag on your time? 

Preach to the choir, just thinking about the time I have wasted trying to do and learn things that other people could do for me more effectively and efficiently.
Are you ready to become a LinkedIn Pro, with numerous connections and targeted leads in your sales pipeline without breaking a sweat?
It took me a lot of blood, sweat and tears to discover the right LinkedIn growth formula.

And I was relieved that all the pain and suffering wasn't in vain. I have tested this formula on several companies and was amazed by its almost magical results.

Having gone through all the heavy lifting myself, I'm super excited to relieve your pain. I made it my mission to help others grow their professional network, and fill in their sales pipeline with the help of the amazing tool that is LinkedIn.
introducing THE LINkedin GROwth formula
Targeted professional connections + bulletproof copy + sequenced outreach = €€€€
I have heard it a billion times: "Build it and they will come". So I did. I built my LinkedIn profile, started adding people, I even had cold prospecting background. My network grew, the messages started rolling in, but the thing that I aimed for didn't happen. My sales pipeline didn't grow an inch. And just when I thought that it couldn't get much worse... I was drowning in a sea of irrelevant messages. Job offers, irrelevant sales offers, even some friendship offers.

I was getting super frustrated, so I started to take long walks hoping to find the way out. After one of my walks I was having a client meeting, just a simple one, consulting him how I can improve his company, then EUREKA. What if I tweak the same outbound email formula that we have proved to be successful time and time again with a bunch of different clients and apply it on LinkedIn?

I implemented the same principles right away and was anxious to see the results. I barely slept an hour that night. As the days went by, my excitement was visible to everyone in my company. The numbers spoke for themselves, I got the proof, set down with my team and developed the LinkedIn formula. I'm proud to say that since then we helped various clients customizing the well-established formula with their specific needs. You don't have to take my word for it, here is what some of our clients had to say ⬇⬇⬇
DANco Dimkov,
MSc, Executive MBA, CMgr
Founder and CEO - BizzBee Solutions
Growth Consultant, Mentor & Trainer
What our clients said about the 
Can you imagine the relief of not wasting money on ads and time on generating leads while your professional network grows and the sales pipeline is full?
Here are the top 3 benefits from our LinkedIn outreach

Build your network

Building up your LinkedIn network will give you access to your targeted audience. You will be able to follow their problems, their comments, their reviews – in short everything that is happening in their business. This gives you a non-intrusive opportunity, to ask for additional questions, offer thoughts and suggestions, or simply put to build trust and loyalty with your ideal clients. 
Generate Leads

Sending the right message at the right time brings the right leads. Engaging with your prospect, even automatically, can keep you at the top of their mind. Sending smart call-to-action messages, can keep prospects interested and longing to hear more. 

Land Clients

Personalized human touch moves prospects toward sales. Having a human responding to their custom questions and request for information ensures that prospects are educated and interested in what you have to offer.

get ready for the....
linkedin growth formula!!!
Connect to your ideal clients, build professional relationships, generate highly targeted leads and get ready to close sales without breaking a sweat. 
Achieve the desired results within 90 days.
are you wondering what's included in our linkedin growth formula?
up to 2.000 targeted connections per month
One of our bees will be sending up to 2.000 highly targeted connections per month. Since LinkedIn is the social network for business networking you can build relationships with your potential clients. With no additional costs, you will be able to follow what's happening in their companies, what challenges are they facing, are they trying something new etc. This gives you the perfect opportunity to stay in their mind and build trust and relationships, with something as simple as posting a comment.
connections beecome leads
In this hectic and busy times, you need to be able to catch people's attention. The secret of transforming connections to leads is delivering the right message at the right time. We have the experience and knowledge of the type of messages that transforms the prospects into leads and leaves them eager to hear more about your offer.
Leads beecome clients
Making connections and building relationships with our potential clients is awesome. But what's even better is gaining some clients and growing your revenue while growing your network. We are proud to say that our LinkedIn growth formula has a valuable side-effect. Since our bees are responding personally to the custom questions that your new connections are having, they produce sales-ready leads along the way.
Since we thrive on your success, we are happy to give you the things that follow completely FREE to make the results of the LinkedIn Growth Formula as pleasing as possible.
BOOSt your profile
Everyone wants to look their best.
You put on your best suit when you want to leave the right impression, right? The same should happen with your LinkedIn profile since it represents you and your company. There is no need to worry, we will help you to look your very best. Our team have spent significant time testing and figuring out the best way to set up a LinkedIn profile that actually brings customers in.
ideal client profile (ICP)
Avoid knocking on the wrong door.
 The ICP needs to be defined for us to choose the right hunting tool (it’s hard to catch a fish with a baseball bat). We do independent research for free where we are defining the type of companies (location, size, revenues and other attributes) as well as which positions within the company to target. This step is critical in order to ensure we approach people that can actually benefit from your product/service. 
Bulletproof Copy
Get your prospects buzzing.
We develop the content based on your ICP. We craft the invitation message, follow up message, or any other message that needs to be sent throughout the campaign accordingly.  If you are getting uncomfortable, relax - all the content will be confirmed by you, as the messages are sent from your profile, and you must be comfortable with the content. 
Keep up with our progress.
You will not only get a monthly report - overview of sent invitations, how many prospects have accepted, how many have initiated communication, and how many of them have become sales-ready leads, but you will also get real-time progress report - all the work is done in a Google sheet, where you can have access to our real-time progress, including a summary dashboard.
Can you imagine getting the whole LinkedIn treatment in 90 days? 
From boosting your profile to generating sales-ready leads, while you focus on the sales comfortably from your office?
bee sure to BEEcome part of our satisfied clients
since our approach is personalized We can only take on so many clients at a time
Give A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
This helps people who are just on the edge of purchasing, to take the leap of faith since you put the risk back on you!
If you want to have an awesome LinkedIn profile that ranks high on the search results.
If you want to determine your ICP and use it to connect with targeted prospects.
If you want to convert the prospects into leads, and the leads into customers.

Wait no more.
We developed the LinkedIn growth formula for eager people like you.

Just make sure that you get to us on time. We are proud to be committed to providing massive value to our clients, which unfortunately means a limited number of spots.

You're just one click away from experiencing LinkedIn Growth 🐝🐝🐝
-Danco Dimkov
Just in case you are still not sure
what You'll Get
With the linkedin growth Offer!
  • Up to 2.000 Targeted Connections per Month - Our bees will send out connection request with customized message to ~2.000 targeted prospects.
  • Connections Beecome Leads - Our bees will send the right messages at the right time to engage with your prospects and push them to become leads.
  • Leads Beecome Clients - As our bees move forward in the LinkedIn field they personally respond to the leads' question which makes some of them sales-ready.
  • ​FREE LinkedIn Profile Boost -  A properly set up LinkedIn profile, can give you a SEO boost, putting your profile first in the search results. It can also attract your ideal clients.
  • FREE ICP Definition - Our research experienced bees will do  independent research, to ensure you are targeting the right ICP.
  • FREE Bulletproof Copy - Our bees will write the messages for your LinkedIn sequences based on your ICP and our years of experience.
  • FREE Reporting - Experience how the bee professionals work. Get real-time and monthly reports.
You are probably thinking that getting all of this seems priceless.
are you anxious for a quote?
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